Top 10 Productive Ways to Handle Disappointment

I did not meet my GoFundMe goal within the time frame I wanted. I could cite a number of reasons (Not Excuses) why this didn’t happen, but prefer to cite productive ways to handle setbacks.

10. I can be satisfied with the support I did get. To many, my supporters may be ‘just one, two, three or four people,’ but to me they are the world. 💯

9. I can memorialize the event in some of this creative artwork I like crafting to relax my mind. Maybe if I draw enough tears, someone might feel sorry for me? 😥

8. Begging harder isn’t a bad idea either. I’m sure somebody has to be saying, “damn! You weren’t doing that already!?” I hear the ratio is something like ‘for every 10,000 knocks, one door will open.’ Doing the math, I’ve knocked on approximately 60,000 doors. Guess I have at least 3 million doors to go. Are there even that many doors in this world? 🤔

7.  This brings me to finding creative ways to beg. Perhaps it’s not the quantity of doors I knock on, but the quality of doors? I don’t know why I keep getting the image of contacting every corporation and business I’ve supported over 10, 15, 20 plus years. Shucks, I have to have paid for the quality of them doors anyway. 😅

6. I could also laugh. Laughing is good therapy. I still get tickled thinking about Chris Rock reaming those who disappointed him early in life, during an awards ceremony. At the time I wondered why he did what he did. Now I laugh about it. I know why. 😉

5. I can ignore the setback too. This is how I frequently handle abject news. Given the theory of success is part talent, part hard-work and part chance, lifts the stress off me and puts it somewhere else. 😐

4. This also is a good spot to slip into a book (written by somebody else) and read. To this relief I just finished reading ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. (My thoughts here). 🤓

3. I can also Blog, what I am doing now. Have I mentioned enough, how much I love blogging? 😅

2. Moving on by far is truly the easiest...and is quite productive to boot. It’s like getting in your car, turning on the ignition, stepping on the gas and leaving a bad relationship far behind... or in this case, writing another book. NEXT! 🎬

Thus bringing me to my #1.

Pressing on; the extension to moving on, differing only in purpose. My GoFundMe campaign is still up and running... and this being the season for giving, I hope my lifelong work and literary efforts will inspire others to support my campaign. 🙏🏽

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