Reasons Writers (and others) Beat Around Bushes

This post began as a whole ‘nother topic. I was trying to write a post, a lot simpler than this one, but couldn't get to the point the way I wanted. That's how the matter of 'beating around bushes' sort of floated to the top of my thoughts and just stayed there.

At any rate, to avoid beating around any more bushes, some of what I’m about to write here actually applies to me. So there. Least anyone be offended.

One reason writers, specifically, beat around bushes is because they have no business writing what they are trying to write. Hence the above, I hear it---in my head---all the time. “Girl, don’t you write that.” This echo has made me a firm believer, if it doesn’t flow smoothly, and land in print perfectly... and quickly, then it’s not meant to be. Period.

Now, of course if it does come out smoothly, and quickly, whether perfect or not, then it needed to be written. Period.

But there are other reasons that writers, namely, beat around bushes.

Some believe writers try to smarten up their work, or want to appear smarter than they are. This one is NOT me either. I love plain, simple, easy to read stories. That’s always my goal when writing; my mother’s advice another constant reminder, ‘keep it simple stupid.’

Some writers look at what they’ve written, and thinking the work reads a little thin, resort to padding how some job seekers jazz up resumes. Not me on that one either. Scrounging together sentences and stuffing all those pointless words in paragraphs and trying to make the whole piece make sense has to be the most challenging way to write...and usually a wasted effort. Most readers are smart. They often see fluff right there on the cover, and if not in the title, then in the byline. Again, if it doesn’t happen ‘almost’ effortlessly, it ain’t worth it. Can’t get no plainer than that.

But one of my favorite reasons for beating around bushes, something I’ve actually tried, and that’s this thing I call openly making love with words. Now, while I don’t care to read or write word love affairs in either blog posts, articles or full length books, whether fiction and especially not nonfiction or memoirs, I absolutely love reading... and writing 'word porn' in poetry.

All that written, I just received a wonderful gift; ‘Think Big...Overcoming Obstacles with Optimism’ by Jennifer Arnold, MD, & Bill Klein. I don’t often read the same author twice, but in the case of TLC Network’s popular 'Little Couple', I’m making an exception. I, as well, thank publicists and authors who’ve emailed me about their books. A few I’ve added to my reading lists. My fingers crossed and hopes up, I’m looking forward to some on point reading, to share some spot on book recommendations!