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My Published Work

My writings, and my books are my pride and joy. The first two books, Atlóta and My Blackberry were published by iUniverse, back when the fee to self-publish was only $158. Other titles, with exception of my contribution to Keeping the Faith by Tavis Smiley, were published by OSAAT Entertainment, the publishing company I founded 2008.

ALSO, except for Double Dare’s 2nd edition, all of the cover art, illustrations, and designs are my own. 

A few copies of my books are for sale at the normal online outlets, however my books largely can be obtained by emailing ( or contacting me directly. Below is a brief synopsis of each. 

2015; Big Bully. Corporate Fiction centered on a male director who works for a cosmetics manufacture under two women who put his leadership skills to a serious test. He must retain newly hired diverse employees-at all cost-leading to friction in his department. Threats…complaints…intimidation…scuffles…sabotage…the Ombudsmen stepping in… and then one day arrived the Big Bully.

2015; Copy Cats. Young Adult Fiction centered on siblings Morrocon, Nica and Pillar, who move to a new town where the adventure is spiked up as they duck their father’s militant style of discipline trying to fit in with a new circle of friends that welcome them to town through a series of initiation rites.
2015; Civil Talk. The Ass. of passionate prose in motion decries…a poet has to be damn good with words. No, not just damn good with words, but be the filibuster of language, work like a clinician on jargon, a dietician on complacency, a chameleon with terms, a crusader for debate, flirty with verbs, a dirty storyteller, a mogul of expression, a totalitarian of vocabulary, no stranger to verbose propose, squeezing rhythm between muse, the chancellor of absolute prolix conflict, understanding a thing or two about going there, penning what all is saying, thinking, and doing contraire.

* Coming Soon - Anthill - Fantasy Fiction; Jubilation - Spiritual Fiction; Painted Cats - Erotica; RAPED - Contemporary Fiction; and Civil Talk2 - Poetry (revised).

the Rhapsody Series
Adult Contemporary Fiction centered on the work involved in birthing, nurturing and raising children; caring for parents, while maintaining friendships, careers, and staying committed to a marriage with the forerunning thought of keeping sane in high hopes of growing as one until death does the couple apart.

2008 - Leiatra's Rhapsody. Series one is about an educated counselor, mother, and wife who sets out to find out why men cheat in a most unusual way. Do you think you know why men cheat? Do you really want to know why men cheat? Or do you prefer to believe otherwise?

2009 - Something Xtra Wild. Series two encapsulates the heroine, Leiatra, now one wily research effort two decades later having discovered why men cheat, crossing more idealistic mores and values in attempt to reconcile her marriage near dissolution.
2010 - This One I Got Right. Series three finds Blaine and Leiatra back together, but with a simple high stakes bet on the table. Which one of their children will marry first is the bet. Whoever wins gets to have his or her sexual fantasy come true.
2011 - Rye & the Rump. Series four humorously drives two polar views of a couple still growing to know each other, while tackling everyday family issues in desire to become one forever. 

2012 - My Love. Series five. The ‘glory’ years now upon this couple who has weathered marital bliss with a lot of hits, and a whole lot of misses, have one more hurdle left to hurdle before grabbing the trophy—Happily Ever After forever!  

Other Titles

2013 - Lock Box (Paranormal Mystery). Daddy Curtis Cummins has been zapped from an ethereal existence to earth to save his darling daughter from a belligerent environment, putting one dazed and crazed daddy’s parenting skills to a serious test.

2012 - Mindless (Corporate Mystery). Angela wants to know one thing. Why would a firm bring her on at an eye-whopping salary and place her in a position... to do what exactly? Her previous boss warned her to leave if her first day appeared shady. But considering the beguiling salary Angela shunned the advice, all to find herself deep in a mindless mystery.

2012 - A Blast From the Past. All poetry. Includes illustrations.

2012 - Double Dare (Women's Chic Lit Fiction). Come have fun with Mona and Phyllis, two married women who step out of their humdrum lives to enjoy an innocent day catching a show on Broadway, all to end up, one hilarious misadventure after the next, staring in an independent film!

2011 - Pleasure (Erotic Fiction). The story of a young girl who leaves the U.S. to join her boyfriend and his guy friends on an adventurous trip overseas; to make a lot of erotic money in the entertainment pleasure business.

2011 - A Piece of Peace (Spiritual Fiction). Cliff must learn how to forgive his sister who didn’t treat him well growing up, and who returns home to take the house after his parents pass away. He eventually does forgive her, but not before hell, and a sort of harmony pays a visit to his parent’s house.

2010 - Storytella (Short Stories, Fiction). A collection of short fictional stories based on real life lessons. 

2010 - Tehuelche (Historical Fiction) This story is a mirage of a dream “I” dreamt of a young girl seeking peace living among Native Americans in the 17th century.

2009 - Black Table (Memoir/Essays). A collection of true ‘remember when’ short stories set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2009 - Pretty Inside Out (Contemporary Corporate Fiction). Diverse workplace tales assembled around seasonal employees working in the customer service department at a major retail store during the Christmas holiday.

2008 - GEM (Anthology... Poetry, One-act Play, Essays).

2005 - God Be the Glory (Family Memoir). A rekindling of the work that went into producing and publishing Reviviscence, a family newsletter.

2003 - Atlóta (Poetry). (published by iUniverse)

2002 - My Blackberry (Poetry & Short Stories Collection). (published by iUniverse)

Anthologies: the Rev... Contributed 2002 to Keeping the Faith by Tavis Smiley (published by Random House)  


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    1. It was published in the U.S. Used copies are 'available' online. Or if interested our publishing company can mail out a print copy if you email for mailing instructions.


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