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Chasing the Race

Before running off for the retreat (gotta love that icon), I have a few household items to address.
Visit Mocha Girl Reads. The young woman behind this new Los Angeles based book club is doing a phenomenal job. Participation is increasing, and the club is just going on book #2! Here's my review on the first book, The Strawberry Letter, by Shirley Strawberry.

To the Contrary...

I'm musing on a topic that has cropped up more than on a few occasions on the book social forums. It's that thing about speed-reading. When I first moseyed over to online book activities and caught sight of the large availability of books, I must say speed-reading didn't have all that bad of a ring. I can't count, and really still can't count the number of books I want/ed to read. It's like walking up to an all-you-can-eat buffet of seafood. Scallops, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and! Boiled, broiled, shelled and skinned, dipped in batter and fried...oh man! Yum...Yum!!!

When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong!

One thing about this post and ME being wrong. Admitting I'm wrong doesn't extemporaneously flash credence that I'm a super nice person fitting in the upper quartile of the most undefiled group in the world. (Whew, thank you thesaurus! I knew of these words, but didn't recall the names offhand). Just don't want things getting out of hand. It's bad enough I'm about to make an admission I don't get to often make.
It's rare, very rare, but I do admit when I'm wrong. Two posts ago, 'Do We Become What We Read,'  I bore into one side of an argument. A lot of us do this. It's the very reason several posts ago, I argued against writing whole books filled with advice. This is exactly the reason why, or rather it's 'a part' of the reason why I avoid shelling out advice.


I had a blog post all prepared and ready to go when a little hook was thrown in my curve. And just to let a little mystery out of the bag, I wanted to delve a minute into romance writing. But oh well, looks like I'll have to take that one back to the drawing board, promising whenever it's ready for 'print', I'll be sure to include a snippet of what the pause was all about.
Tonight I had to ad hoc it, calling on my number one fan. Between daring not to bore anyone with a to-do list I have no earthly business trying to attempt, and thinking up an upbeat post for tonight, I did, I did. I turned to prayer. And what do you know? That orb swung around and picked me right up. (If you haven't heard about the orb, here's the post on it).

Do We Become What We Read?

This was a discussion topic on Book Blogs. I didn't participate in the discussion because of how I interpreted the question. So if my answer here walks off in a thousand wrong directions, or scales a mountain and then shears a few moons, or dives into an ocean and births a whale and twin dolphins, I'm sorry.
At the heart of the matter, some very high-fashioned dollars are held up in the entertainment business, and doled out to amazingly high-tailored instructors with specific instructions to teach students 'specifically' how to bring a story off the page. How to make a character sing, when we in fact know, unless it's a children's talking book, books generally do not speak. Even writers like myself, who've never sat in on these very pricey lectures, know this. So every emotion we draw from reading a book is owning and owed to this high-fashioned dollarly, but staggeringly basic design.

Musical Reading, Writing, and Reviewing Peeves

I love positive, but for this post, I'm musing on some peeves I have with reading, writing, and reviewing. I pulled this list together from a stack of erroneous scrambled notes, and amazingly, as you'll soon find out why, plucked out my Top Ten.
So let the muse begin, starting with my top peeve. Writing! It peeves me to no end to think I think far faster than I write. And so what if everyone else in the world is like this too. That only makes things worse because I'm like this, which to combat, I'm a serious note-taker...spiraling right into my next peeve.

How I Found My Niche.

There's likely a rule that says I shouldn't write this first, but then this is my niche, and my story, and like they say, 'I'm sticking with it.'

A while back when I was writing for our family newsletter, Reviviscence, I'll never forget my father saying to me, "we are trying to figure out where you're going... how we can help you." 
The statement captured me the moment he said it, hence it's a statement that stayed on my mind. I couldn't answer him then, because all I knew was I wanted to write and had before me the gateway to an audience. But then true to my nature, the statement weighed heavy on my conscience... alas it would be something I would analyze and analyze.

The One Big Fun-Loving Question?

The other day I was asked a question I've considered, but reconsidered posting. "What is my favorite genre to write in?"
Deep, deep, deep down beneath the surface I don't have a preference. I've found tremendous enjoyment collaborating on technical, serious more structured literature, as I've enjoyed creative writing. Technical writing, believe it or not, is not as difficult as creative writing. At least not from the occasions I've experienced it. You have the luxury of co-conspirators. If the 'piece' fails, 'we' all fail. So there is the great incentive to support each other, (vigorously), to make sure the document is scrubbed, and airtight. I've enjoyed the challenge... the internal and external fact-checking, reworking phrases for clarity, removing redundancies, and getting all those extra cozy eyes to look over things, adding the touches that make things happen. I love non-fiction.

I Really Love it when this happens…

...when I fall in love with a book. For me it's like going to a store and buying several articles of clothing; jeans, blouses, tops and whatnot, which once upon a time I'd be (as usual) too pressed for time to try on, but praying when I got home they fit. And if I got home and found out they looked as good on me as they did on the rack, I'd celebrate like new shoes dancing for the mirror. This is how I feel when selecting books. I want to get to my reading spot, open the book and find a damn good felicitous read... just what happened to be the case for Condoleezza Rice's memoir, Extraordinary, Ordinary People.

Doing It Yourself

In advance, please excuse how rushed this post is going to go. As you might know, being Queen... and yes, that's with the capital 'Q', of doing it myself, I'm usually pressed for time. But before 'we' go running off with the longhorn, please know, I have already attended years worth of training, schooling, and exercises on marketing, effective communications, the high value of team-work, and some other related educations. Trust me. I know.
But let me tell you something else I know. In lieu of a team, and just so you know, I do have a small team, but in lieu of the typical department-size teams, I've come up with a list of benefits when the remaining option is to do-it-yourself.