Chasing the Race

Before running off for the retreat (gotta love that icon), I have a few household items to address.

Visit Mocha Girl Reads. The young woman behind this new Los Angeles based book club is doing a phenomenal job. Participation is increasing, and the club is just going on book #2! Here's my review on the first book, The Strawberry Letter, by Shirley Strawberry.

I also must thank one of my book blog social friends for tipping me off to read 'How Do Rumors Get Started'– the True Story of Timex Social Club. I absolutely adore this book. So simple, straightforward, and so sincere, making for one soul-stirring embracing read. I can't wait to collect my thoughts and write a review.

And finally, though hardly least of least, this post was instigated by none other than me, haphazardly writing the tail end of a thought, thinking it would slip everyone's mind like it did mine. It didn't, which now credit goes to another blog friend holding me to my word. So thanks Dee. I needed this nudge, though please don't blink. Being on the chase has caught me, at times, writing reckless.

Things I've given up working on...

...striving to be understood. And I know, isn't this what I'm doing here? And no, it isn't. Like I said, I haphazardly wrote off the tail end of a thought, and so now here we are... at the front end of that thought.

...Exactly why I'm sweeping worry under a rug too. And let's face it. We all will be concerned about one thing or the other. I'm just taking worry off the list. Yep, forget the dustpan. Worry is now shivering under a rug.

And I don't know what in the world I was doing trying to work on upping my spontaneity. Did I skip right by its definition? Welp, move over worry, here comes spontaneity.

Oh, here's one. 'Getting it.' Heard of this one? It's words that fly over the top of your head. True story. A while back I was with a group of friends who were laughing about a dust ball rolling along the floor. And no, we weren't drinking. I just didn't get it, but had frequently (later) concerned myself with trying catch these types of euphemisms. Well, that's it. Finally decided if this is where my wit slumps, and I get diagnosed odd, it can't be any worse than this dust ball laughing disorder.

Kicked this one out of the house, too. Exercise. Though I am a little curious to find that one unique infomercial advertising a 40+ year-old woman, with children... the more the better, hopping up on one of those machines weighing no less than 150lbs, and right before my eyes, directly on screen, roll back at least one decade and shave off a dozen digits on the scale. Otherwise, I'm staying with my own stress-free circulation rubric. I just refuse to exercise for the hell of it.

But this is the charmer I let run on ahead. Want. No longer will I be chasing after want. In case you haven't heard, from afar want appears grand and aggrandizing, but look closer, and only if you can. Want rhymes with temptation. Is a close associate of lust. And does not get along with appreciation, or loyalty, and neither reason. I'm saying this is one disguised monster. It will yank your credit score, well beyond the wrong zeros. Borrow and never return your joy. Walk all over your merit, and camp out in your spirit without a tent. I'm much better off enjoying what I have, and making the most of what I don't have.


  1. R I enjoyed even the bits I did't understand. See? Understanding can be overrated too. I'm headed off to see the review. Thanks for remindinhpg me if some housekeeping too. Have a fab weekend.

  2. Hey Wendy. I was just trying to edit this piece LOL, when I caught your comment. Yes, understanding is another monster I think I'll leave alone for now. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a fab weekend too!

  3. R, can I say that I loved this piece? I must say that it's a good thing you left want for last. I don't think I would have gotten past it. You did such an excellent job of describing it, it begs for elaboration as a guest post on someone's blog...maybe mine...heheheh!

    It seems that we're on the same plane with exercise as well. Can I please see a relatable commercial or book cover now that I think about it?

    Getting it? It took me many years, (and I'm talking about just last month) to realize that there are "get it pretenders" as well. How do I know, I asked someone who had been yukking it up heartily to explain what I missed. She hadn't gotten it either and went so far as to state, "Do you think everyone else who was laughing actually "got it" they were probably laughing at his delivery."

    How had I missed that memo? Ah well...crossing it off the list of my aspirations in life..."to totally get everything."

  4. Oh now see... I figured that's what was going on with the *getting it,* though when I asked I was told, "well, Rhonda," and my name, just so you know, was huffed with much exasperation and annoyance, "everyone isn't as smart as you!" That's when I started calling it 'the dust ball disorder...' even if there was this other time one of these overhead jokes was thrown out there. I *got it* something like 15 whole minutes later. LOL!!! Laughed loud too. Everyone looked, then asked the person I was there with what was wrong *ugh, with me?* He said, "oh, she just got the joke!" Even more hilarious, and still, I'm letting this one go!

    Thanks Dee. You know I really appreciate you!

  5. lol @ huffed with much exasperation and annoyance. The time before that was a year ago when a comedienne stopped by our church. Thank God I had my 15 yr old nephew to translate for me...I laughed out loud then too...then everyone else proceeded to laugh at me laughing out loud when I got it. My belly was full at the time so I didn't take it on as an affront...I began laughing at them, laughing at me, when there was a perfectly good comedienne up front who they'd paid to provide the joke. Who deserved to be laughed at then? Not ME...LOL.

    I was providing humor for FREE!

  6. Dee - all I have to say is after this, the two of us in a room together must never be...I could never look your way, and you wouldn't dare look my way because it would just be over. O-V-E-R! ROTFLOL!!!

  7. Thank you soo much for all the love!!! Thank you! Thank you! And thank you so much for the review!

  8. You are most welcome. RIght before my eyes I see how its done;-) Again, a great job!


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