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Off the Wall

…but first, before slippin’ into lit, let me open with this bow.
After thinking should I, shouldn’t I, seemingly a thousand times over, I finally experienced BEA—what I’m calling the best book expo on Earth!!! Contemplating attending really shouldn’t have been a question for someone who’s never been to the grandest book show, but loving the book world much as I do. Yet, in the final hour I decided, what the heck, and went. Paid my dues, grabbed an overnite bag, and man, cavorting and romping in being alone what a marvelous jump BEA turned out to be. Checking-in went seamlessly. The attendants were helpful and friendly. I met publishers and authors, and agents and wholesalers, and best of all was meeting the directors of IBPA—the Independent Book Publishers Association. I’d be all night and a few days explaining the innocuous but fascinating temper that surrounded me. So I’ll drop off here at, Yes, I was in my world!
…just what inspired writing 'Off the Wall'.

The Smartest Guys in the Room

I actually planned the timing of opening this one, the account of Enron’s fall by Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind. I wanted to take my time reading it, and now have amazed myself by how easy the reading is, turning pages a lot quicker than I initially thought I would. But I credit this to the journalists. The writing reminds me so much of the material I grew up reading. Clear, crisp, polished informative writing. None of the modish sarcasm suited best for literature, although I must say familiarity with this type of environment helps weed through the corporate lingo as well.

Pitching One-Liners

I am (or was?) the absolute, Dear God…Please help me…the worst at mix and mingles. And the reason (since figured out), is because I’m terrible at pitching one-liners.
One-liners are something like elevator talk, only aggravated by however many minutes you spend sweating it out hoping the elevator doors hurries and open up. Still not sure if I have all the kinks worked out, but I think I’m pretty close. I know I need to be brief, but now I just need to figure out exactly how to say it tidy, of course at the drop of a hat, and again…nicely. I’m thinking though, there has to be a reason I’m not naturally equipped to do this, but then too, if it doesn’t come to me pretty, in one line, then I can always smile and maybe compliment a portrait on a wall. Thank goodness I figured that out.

The Tasteful Truth

Coming across the “tasteful truth” in-line so frequently exposed in book synopsis, is starting to raise my brows. Reminds me of a quote I once heard. “Soon as someone tells you, ‘this is the truth,’ you can best believe you’re about to get a lie.” Therefore, by adding in the ‘tasteful’ part, would this then mean we'll be reading…what…a tasteful lie?
Two-stepping back, I am the queen of heralding ‘this is the truth’. Of course however, I probably don’t add on the tasteful part, and am usually giggling in any event. And hang on, it’s not because I’m about to, or in fact am telling a ‘tactless’ lie. Quite to the contrary. I’m usually about to get so bold that I start visualizing a brick wall falling from the sky, slamming to earth, forever separating me from my audience…or that sole inheritor who happened to catch me when I was about to expel one of my ‘unadorned’ truths.

Motherhood: The Greatest Joy

There has been no greater joy, and experience, than raising my children. One reason I eagerly await to share this story is because it wasn't what I'd been promised... missing out on enjoying my youth, and freedom, and how I wouldn't get a good education. My experience turned out to be quite the contrary of this promise. Yes, there were a few tug-o-wars in there, some days being better than others, but honest-to-goodness there has been no greater enjoyment (in my life) than growing up with my two best friends.

How One Thing Leads to the Next

Hopefully you’ll appreciate the heading. It reminds me of a ‘back in the day’ phrase many might know its connotation. If not, then you might appreciate where this post goes when it gets there.
I happened by a social forum today where I happened to read an array of interesting questions. One of the questions asked writers how their personality type related to their writing habits. I answered, but not because I had an answer, but rather because the name Myers-Briggs caught my attention. I remembered taking the test, and a few others, several years ago during team-building exercises. According to the Myers-Briggs test I scored in the INTJ box, or rational NT. From what I recall, writers, inventors, and I believe scientists were in that group. But really, I don’t know what it all means, and certainly do not understand the correlation to my writing habits.