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Hermit’s Awareness Award

In responding to emails, reading blogs, socializing, and basically catching up with writerly things I came across one post that really struck a chord in me. I was trying to, (in a friendly way), write a response explaining the best ways of organizing our time, particularly for writers often distracted while trying to carve out this time. But I ended up giving up. I didn't have much time myself to be playing around with words, when whaala, I came across this other post that struck the same darn chord, which meant... I had to do a blog post. 

The original post, Writer or Recluse, is on She Writes.

As for my post, well here's the thing. I was going to take another swing at what I wanted to say, except one thing I've learned about blogging, and writing for that matter, (which happens to be exactly how to become a hermit), and that's crawling over every word to put things just right I've found to be a solid waste of time management. If it can't be written easily, and straightforward, then leave it alone. (IMMHFO) ß Gosh, I've got to love these acronyms. Soon, we'll have to revolutionize the way we create passwords.

At any rate, what I've decided to do in lieu of all is to post a Hermit's Awareness Award for any and all to grab, who believe they fit any or all of the objectives below. 

(Of course, and this is a stern advisement, I wouldn't stick this award on anyone's blog... unsuspectingly. For this one, it's an individual thing WE must take personal ownership of.)

Please, Support Hermit's Awareness if you've...

... ~ spent years, and years, and years tending to everyone's needs BUT YOUR OWN!

... ~ If you're 40 years old, or older, and have for years, and years hosted celebrations in your home where everyone from yae to yonder piled in your home... ate, belched, stretched, yawned, used up all of your toilet paper, slept, woke up and ate some more, rifled through all of your cabinets and drawers, rearranged your kitchen, looked out of all your windows and doors, talked and laughed so loud they're still laughing, just before asking for containers and your whole box of foil paper to carry home extras, leaving out to end up telling everyone about how much of a lovely time they *always have* staying at your place.

... ~ If for years and years you've heard and seen the arguments; the finger pointing and blaming, the name calling, the 'I wants' and 'must haves', and just gosh be-doggonit, the nosing and meddling in everyone's business when you've yet to fulfill a dream of your own.

... ~ If you've always wanted to write, and found out to do so requires time alone in a quiet empty space.

... ~ if you've ever started feeling guilty about snipping out pieces of a day to sneak in this time, when it suddenly dawns on you, 'why in the hell am I making excuses and sneaking around to finally do for me!?!'

... ~ If you've ever thought about any of this and became annoyed, and then outright indignant about the matter saying, 'that's it! What's so bad about being called a hermit, anyway!?!' 

... ~ If you identify with any or all of these objectives, then I suggest you grab hold of the Hermit's Awareness Award, AND OWN IT!

That's right! Claim this award and celebrate your quiet space knowing you truly are not alone. You are appreciated, respected, and right now being supported for all you have done for others, and now are taking time to do for yourself.

...But oh, DO Finish Your Masterpiece.

Disclaimer: No Expiration Date


  1. Hi there! I definitely accept it! It certainly validates it for all of us who have spent those wasteful moments trying to explain ourselves and the need for quiet and solitude in conjunction with the guilt directed at the unseen faces behind closed doors - as it all gets in the precious way of writing time! So... thank you!! I'll always cherish it!

  2. Hi Tonya, Glad you appreciate it. Here's a *hug* for breaking to stop by.

    1. LOL! Thanks much. :) I really enjoyed your post... definitely worth the read! *Hugs* back!!


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