Best of the Best, 2012

What a year, what a year. Got some more Top Tens, the best of the best, favorites from 2012!

Getting right on with it, while we're all still seeing clear, at the very tip-top of my favorites, in a category all to its very own, (of course), are you the READER! Much, much love to you!

OEBooks Top Ten Favorite Tweeted Stories (in no particular order)
From Readwrite Enterprise Publishers Starting to Reject e-Book DRM
Made in the USA is Gorham Printing's Pride
Thinking Through a Strategy for Digital Rights Management from what's hot and cooking in scholarly publishing
From Flavorwire Seeking a Definition of Outsider Art at the Outsider Art Fair
...And oh, this should be number 1! The Dragon Baby (now why can't I act like that!?!)
On Indie Bound Why Indies Matter
Another one from DBW Should Editors Get Credited in Books? 
on utube Sweet Brown's Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
Thought Leader Daniel Goleman on Managing Difficult Conversations

Since MOOD is everything for me, then this list must also be in here; Top Ten Mood Music Listened to This Year… and this list is in order of the songs I've listened more times than I want to believe are possible.

1. A Love of Your Own by the Average White Band
2. I Get Lifted by KC & the Sunshine Band
3. So In Love by Jill Scott
4. Earth Song by Michael Jackson
5. I’m Dreamin’ by Christopher Williams
6. My Love by Lionel Richie
7. Love on Top by BeyoncΓ©
8. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
9. Minute by Minute by Michael McDonald
10. Silly by Deniece Williams

Top Ten Most Read Post, written this year and in order, with the exception for my interviews, which generally always receive a high number of visitors. So thank you to everyone who agreed to chat with me!  

1. How to Know if You're a Born Writer *Number One Favorite*
2. Book Quality – The Ultimate Intimate Reading Experience
3. OEBooks Gets Not One, Not Two, but Three Awards!
8. A Little Late...Otherwise On Time for Wednesday's Meme
10. WARNING: This is My Story. Just in... A Toast to the Writing Resolution Blog Hop Ball

And FINALLY, Here She Is…

Top Ten Favorite Books Read This Year… obviously in no particular… but selected out of 22 books, here they are…

1. Hong Konged by Paul Hanstedt
2. Fate is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann
3. The Upper Room by Mary Monroe
4. The Highest Peak by Kathy Lee Pair
5. The Cost of Hope by Amanda Bennett
6. The Secret Sense of Wildflower by Susan Gabriel
7. I Am the New Black by Tracy Morgan
8. You Have No Idea by Vanessa Williams and Helen Williams
9. A Nation of Wusses by Ed Rendell
10. A Hamster is Missing in Washington, DC by Ed Spivey Jr.

** Note: The deciding factor that ultimately won me over with each of my selections can be found in the mood of the story. The authors did a fabulous job threading humor through the story in such a way that it inspired me.

And just to take this thing on into the New Year correctly, it only seemed appropriate to list the Top Ten Lessons I've Learned this Year.

10. Whether self-published, independently published, or traditionally published, I've learned there is an equal amount of digging to find a book that I love.

9. I've learned not to judge a book by its cover.

8. I've learned sometimes great books start somewhere in the middle, forcing me to return to the beginning to get the back story.

7. I've learned that I like to read what I don't write.

6. And oh boy, have I ever learned that too much knowledge, or research in a book drains it of flavoring!

5. …in the same way that heavy-handed editing washes jewels clean out of a story.

4. I've learned that I favor reading to writing.

3. I've learned what readers really want.

2. And I've thus figured out what will sustain publishing, and businesses in general, beyond the electronic maze-craze.

1. And here's A Big One; Just this evening I learned how easy it is to forget to count my blessings; those who touch and inspire me every day with small deeds that add up to words yet to be told. See Trisha Faye's post 'A Jar or a Journal???' Thanks Trisha.

Happy New Year! 2013!


  1. Happy New Year! Lots of tens here!

    I can't take credit for the original post though (A Jar or a Journal?) I reblogged from one of my favorite bloggers (one of many) -- Ute Smiles. She has some wonderful, inspirational posts & I thought that one deserved sharing. I have my own blessings jar started now and am busy recording special moments of the new year.

    1. Well, I guess then this'll be my first two blessings that'll go in the jar...this comment and a cheer for Ute. You know I still must thank you for seeing the valuing 'the jar' and passing it along ...And yeah, I think I even wore myself out with all those lists.


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