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What Comes Around, Goes Around…

A big while back, when I first heard the phrase ‘What Comes Around, Goes Around,’ I thought this meant mean people got paid back. But then I thought… wait a minute… that can’t be right! Innocent persons wronged would send this catchy phrase into a tailspin, like the cat that chases its tail. And, of course too, wrong persons wrong totally sucks the meaning out of the phrase. However, where this phrase really pulls its weight, is when seeing it in a frame of paying it forward.

I’m a big fan of sharing books and spotlighting authors whose work has really moved me. At the beginning of the month I shared my top ten favorites (HERE), but this is still the month for women, and I still have categories of women (other than myself) who I really enjoy reading.

Celebrating Great Independently Published Women

Below is a list of wonderful independently published female writers’ whose work I’ve read, highly value, and found it a true pleasure to connect with, and in many cases get those precious autographs, plus personally meet. It’s all in perfect concert with why I selected the ‘What Comes Around, Goes Around’ caption.

Amber Lee Starfire: Not the Mother I Remember
Amber West: The Ruth Valley Missing
D. S. White: Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating
Deborah L. Parker: For People of Strength, Soul, and Spirit
GVR Corcillo: She Likes It Rough “Congrats on earning Rebecca's Reads Choice Award!”
Ingrid Ricks: Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story
Jen Knox: Musical Chairs "Looking forward to soon coming new release 'Don't Tease The Elephants'"
JJ Ellis: Until Next Time...The Blogging Adventures of a Broken Housewife (and Mom)
Kathryn White: Being Abigail “Ooh! and she has a new title out!”
Kathy Lee Pair: The Highest Peak “Congrats on receiving the 20TH ANNUAL SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK AWARDS-LIFE STORIES on Writer’s Digest!”
Lisa Vaughn: The Gifted Ones
Lynda J. Coker: The Ocean Between
Myra A. Dorsey: Benefit of the Doubt
Nanette Buchanan: Gossip Line
Natia Steans: So Not The Business
R.Y. Swint: The Other Side of 30
Sheila Peele-Miller: PAINTED PICTURE
Stella Maddox: A Thousand Tiny Cracks
Susan Gabriel: The Secret Sense of Wildflower “Congratulations on receiving the 2012 Kirkus Star Award!”
Susie Schecter: Lifetimes Ago: A love story inspired from past life memories
Terri E. Lyons: I Shall Not Want... and releasing May 2014 (on Mother's Day) "PUZZLES!"
Tracy L. Darity: He Loves Me He Loves Me Not!
Wendy Raven McNair: Asleep

“If these authors aren’t already receiving recognition for their published works, then they are names worth reading, to ensure great work is rewarded!"

Much love to you all. Keep Writing... the World Needs More of You!


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