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Who's Got Natural Writing Moxie?

This post is inspired by my recent visit to Temple University for the Celebration of Black Writing.

I was on my way home when I got to ‘really’ thinking about what makes my books, and writing, so unique. It’s that same stuff I look for when I’m on the hunt for new reading material.

I’m looking for the author, or book let’s stick in here, that can bring it on its own terms! Who can write that book… spit-shining things up themselves…minus the jaded naysayers, writing patrol mojo player-haters and red pen bookslayers… and PUT IT OUT THERE… convincing readers I’ve got natural writing chutzpahAND ('cause this is most important) ...that that story, word for word, page after page match this howl, harmonizing like Mahalia or Patti?

...In Remembrance

The best way to honor Memorial's Day is by reading a book written about the sacrifices service members have made for America. Many books written in this vein are out there.

Below is a collection of accounts told from up top, to the foot patrols; from the air to the ground; from Independent presses, to self-published, and traditional press. From anointed best-seller lists to the 'needle in a haystack' gems. All I highly regard and recommend.

Book Break! 10 Lesser Known Things About Me...

Thought this would be fun. A break away from the norm. Plus, I’ve read and watched this done on other blogs and have always been amazed by how interesting many 'least known tangent' posts have been, even when I didn’t know the author at all. One young woman listed something like 100 least known things about her… positively too much, but I didn’t get to yawning until round ‘about number 17.

At any rate, while I likely have as many least known fuzzies about me, I’m not trying to light up the Web. Just taking a fun book break listing 10 little nuggets about me.

Top 10 Awesome Treats of Motherhood

Motherhood was the best life event that ever happened for me. Admittedly, having children at an early age allowed me to enjoy motherhood in many ways that at a later age would not have been possible. I am so very indebted to the great joy I got out of the single most important job in the world... For there would be no world without women birthing and nursing, and nurturing and caring for these little innocent people.

My top 10 rewards of motherhood from a personal perspective: 

* That first flutter in the pit of my stomach that told me I was going to be a mother… best feeling in the world.

A True Story ...for Writers Concerned About Offensive Content

Because building readers is essential to ALL writers and authors,  Striking a Balance Between Keeping it Real and Our Audience is important.