A Great Way to Find the Right Book to Read

In advance, this post might raise a few brows, but ‘oh well’, a cheer to positivity and here goes it.

This past Christmas I received Harry Potter (...Sorcerer’s Stone) book as a prank gift. My pranksters wanted to catch my genuine reaction on video (unbeknownst to me) as I unwrapped my gift. And okay, so now we know this is one video that will never win an Oscar.

At any rate, along comes a day as recent as a week or so ago when I came across a ‘quote-box-post’ purported to be a JK Rowling quote; ‘If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.’

After reading this quote I was like ‘whoooooaaaa…’

A least known, but extraordinary way to find the right book to read is discovering comments, or quotes like this that resonate. A few of my highly favored books I discovered the same way I came by this quote. Accidentally. When I was least expecting to read it, which made my reaction to how it resonated that much greater.

That is the key. The comment has to resonate. Really resonate.

For instance, another author replying to a thread on memoir writing (and I’m paraphrasing) shared how memoirists can only write from their perspective. He elaborated a couple of sentences beyond this point, though the point is...his comment resonated...and really resonated when I realized he'd written a memoir.

I looked into his memoir, bought the memoir, and I’ll be dog-gonnit...loved the memoir. This happened other times, in other discussions, and always accidentally when least expected. Finding books this way saves time from having to read juiced up-fluffed up book synopsis and bios.

All this spelled out, I guess I’m going to have to go on and crack open Harry Potter (…and the Sorcerer’s Stone) because I'm 100% behind that quote, and any author that supports it.