Speaking for Myself, ...a Mild Confession

In view of National Women’s Month, and inspired by Aung San Suu Kyi's 'Letters from Burma', it wouldn’t be noble if I didn’t reconcile all this expending so much energy critiquing the work others, in lieu of assessing my own. (Thoughts on Letters from Burma).

Honest to goodness, as if clarifying such a promise is even possible, but yes I did, heedlessly and sublimely embarked on a writing pursuit that to my airtight surprise built a brand I’ve yet to find any other quite like it. In that vein, looking back... and now kind of laughing out loud... here are a few entertaining features I hadn’t thought about until well after-the-fact.

First there is my pen name, which I still do not consider a pen name. RYCJ are my initials, actually created by someone who agreed with me, my name spelled out across books, or anything for that matter, was entirely too long.

Funny albeit, it wasn’t until after publishing a series of books, at least 10, that come to find out most writers wrote in one genre, per name (or pen names). Of course, I didn’t follow this because, (of course), oblivion knows no bounds, which...

...even funnier, I had the nerve to be writing not only in a serious mix of genres and sub-genres, using one (so-called) pen name, but I was busy writing LEAD characters irrespective of gender, class, race, culture or any other worldly demographic; be it living or nonliving creature...such as living cells even. If it crept into my imaginings, it leapt into my writing.

All that exorcized, one of the most cataleptic intractable faucets of my work by far, is reading and sincerely critiquing the work of other writers and authors. Initially I hadn’t given much thought to putting a personal spin on those books I greatly respect. Only after getting a good look at what was happening in the book world, and analyzing the literary scene, that supporting this distinct literacy movement became an important unparalleled prime interest.

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