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A popular question writers get asked, is why in all things grounded, sane, fun and profitable would anyone volunteer to put themselves through the grueling task of writing a book? Pluralize book and, well, it will in all likelihood be assumed that writer has one screw very loose.

Fact is, there are many drivers that keep writers, writing.

Contraire to a common belief, largely due to many artists, myself included, associating pain with creating art... be it Mahalia belting out soul stirring llyrics from her sternum, or Van Gogh painting masterpieces with one ear, or like a pair of writers I laughed at describing what they looked like during long episodes drafting their stories, writing largely is a pleasurable exercise. Seriously, while anyone can have ‘a moment’, most people will pass on the liver pot pie for a slice a pizza every time.

The single prevalent complaint that drive most writers NUTS, is not writing, but rather the inability to write... and for whatever reason. Distractions, interruptions, chores, bright sunny days winking at us...all of that stuff stresses writers out.

Now there is one aspect of writing many writers bawl about that I find the best, most enjoyable aspect of writing.


Coming up with story ideas, that’s easy. First drafts, however, that can be described as the painful part. But rewriting! I love rewriting, which is why I haven’t blogged in a while and am falling waaaaaay behind on my reading and book reviewing. Gosh, I so miss both, however a greater calling is calling.

Forget icing a cake, rewriting is like DECORATING A CAKE. Thought this should be mentioned, just in case...

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  1. Absolutely! Good luck with your rewrites!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I still have your contact info. All I ask is that you please hang in here with me;-)


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