Writing Unoffensive Content

Any responsible writer, who cares about audience, never writes to intentionally offend the audience, or one or two people in the audience. Never. Seasoned writers know why this is a no-no. The story would wilt and die before ever reaching the end. I know. After writing dozens of novels and spending months tied to every character in the story, any hate for a character wends up morphing into a bond. There isn’t one novel (to date that I’ve published) where I don’t love every one of my characters.

To the other end of this spectrum however, it also is just as unlikely to write a whole book that doesn’t offend someone. It’s gonna happen... or rather...the one way to ensure it NEVER happens is by putting these few exercises into practice.

First off, get in a good frame of mind. This means clearing the mind of all thoughts. Instead of consulting a thesaurus, reach out to a psychologist. If you don’t have access to a professional sounding board, any good imitator will do. A friend, a trusting co-worker or someone known for keeping secrets. Maybe a pastor?

Eat well balanced healthy meals. What you eat is as important as eating.

Take in the sky. Actually look up at it, because that’s the minimum height requirement necessary to reach your ultimate goal.

Smell the roses. All of them. Or as many as you can. Getting in the habit of smelling flowers will brighten up that big empty space where your thoughts used to be.

Dance like nobody is watching. This activity will come in handy since the dance moves you’ll be required to do, with everyone watching and inspecting your every move, will be on public display.

Exercise. Yes, do this while you can. Run laps around field tracks, or run marathons, or hell, run like the dickens anywhere, or nowhere in particular. You know, pull a Forest Gump. The point. Run while you can, complimenting anyone and anything while running like all the dickens. ‘I love your feet...great ankles...cute knees...lovely elbows...adorable earlobes’. Avoid making risky compliments is the ‘bottom-line’ of this exercise.

And stay prayed up, one of the few exercises not really in need of a reminder since you’ll be doing this one anyway, with or without prompt.

You as well might want to ask yourself, should I really be drinking before writing all this?

Above all, and this is a certifiable, absolute, 100% guaranteed method that will offend NO ONE, 10 out of 10 times, is if you Do.Not.Write.

The overall purpose of this exercise. Write to Entertain.

Disclaimer: Just finished reading 'The Measure of a Man by Sidney Poitier (Thoughts Here).

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