Top 10 Memoirs (By Subject) Likely to Catch My Attention

First of all, for anyone who bares their heart and soul on paper, and publishes their story in whole or part, I respect. That expressed, I am selective about what I read. Enjoying, or being engaged in a story is first, foremost, and of utmost importance. Therefore, there are certain subjects guaranteed to catch my attention.

1. If a Journalist has written their story, and I find out they are retired, or have moved on to other vocations, I’m likely to buy the book. Just the other day I came across a memoir written by/for Ida B. Wells. Lord have mercy, while I heard about Ms. Wells, I didn’t know she also was a journalist! News to me. (Ex. From Beirut to Jerusalem, Desperate to be a Housewife).

2. Political memoirs. Again, I prefer reading those written by former or past politicians. Why? They are likely to be more forthcoming. (Ex. Mayor for Life).

3. Celebrity memoirs. Okay, this one depends. Usually I’m looking for celebrities I admire. (Ex. Troublemaker).

4. Homemakers/Family memoirs I really love, especially when the memoirist has a great respect for family. (Ex. Listen to the Squawking Chicken).

5. Unique memoirs pique my interest a whole lot. This would be rare or distinctive memoirs. (Ex. Life is Short).

6. Reading about Humanitarians is inspiring as well. Not only is it moving to learn what motivates others to go above and beyond helping others, but it’s first class knowledge learning about the work involved. (Ex. Letters from Burma).

7. And of course I can’t skip over the Writer memoirs. But they have got to be moving. I mean, really moving. Not telling me what to do, but telling me how they did it. (Ex. And So It Goes, My Mistake).

8. Military memoirs are the most difficult to read, but too, just as hard to pass over, especially when coming across a synopsis that really pulls me in. (Ex. On Call in Hell, Lone Survivor).

9. Extreme Sports! Here’s the thing about this subject. This is the one time when it’s okay to refer to the reading experience as a rollercoaster ride. Of course, I don't look forward to reading truly horrible moments, (in any memoir) but it’s easier to digest when the memoirist respects the risks up front. (Ex. Into Thin Air).

10. And oh me, oh my, Comedian memoirs just might be my favorite! I JUST LOVE reading books fully intended to make readers laugh! (Ex. I Can’t Make this Up).

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