About My Art... The Real Deal!

First and foremost, I hope anyone scrolling by is well and stays well. With the way I enjoy blogging it would seem that I’d been able to carve out time to blog, and with that, read as well, but apparently not so. Interestingly enough, what inspired this post was splitting my time dabbling into the dozen or so other diversions I enjoy.

While reading and writing generally consumes most of my time, I also enjoy cooking and baking and sewing and cleaning and basically any and everything that requires no clothes, is cost sensitive, and is like a magnet to inspiration...which includes this thing I have with creating art.

To be clear. In no way, shape or form do I compare my art to the ART of real artists, past or present. I've seen real artists work. Once I was at a conference when a dude sitting at my table started to draw a whole scene. It was fascinating to watch. The image he created came to life strictly from whatever was going on in his head.

Also, my father was an artist. He drew abstract art, and worked professionally as a technical artist. He drew detailed illustrations of engines inside helicopters... and automobiles. To watch him work as well startled my senses. It was he who showed me how to create shadows, to magnify or give my drawings dimensions. But that was a long time ago. Between then and now, my skills today borrow down to creating (from scratch) drawings just above stick figures.

Now. About My Art. Largely, thanks to Father Technology, the inventor of personal computers, I enjoy creating lots of images, mostly coloring over selfies I've taken of myself. Doing this relaxes me. Calms me. When I come up with something I kind of like, ...well... I post it.

I decided to point all this out, (as if even the most novice of artists wouldn't suspect this) for one main reason. Although art is subjective, and like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I respect those with innate talents doing what comes naturally to them. Be it painting, sculpting, drawing, storytelling, writing... and the list goes on..., while these arts can be taught... or hacked, my utmost and highest admiration and respect goes for 'THE REAL DEAL', ...art that is in a league of its own...like my writing!😉