Dear Readers & Writers,

If you are getting any amount of reading, and especially writing done, then I trust you ARE doing well. That’s the one beauty about reading. Find the right book, and or reading material, and it’ll mellow out the superficial ailments and ills. And most certainly, blessed be the individuals getting any amount of real work done, which includes writing!

Despite a rough year, surely not wrestled alone, I’ve managed to cull a few reasons to celebrate. Finally, I published two of the six books I wanted to publish this year. Well… wait, let me retract that. Five of six books I’ve been working on for YEARS now, are STILL in the WIP phase, HOWEVER one I managed to fully complete…and published along with another book I was recently baited into writing. So, there. That’s better.

Yes, I am elated…and generally so, as I am relieved and quite humbled, along with exhausted, drained, woozy, seeing doubles, feeling around for my feelings, in a mental fog, and I better stop here before ruining this good groove. 

Painted Cats and Babies Raising Babies will be available Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, in PRINT, in the normal places where books are sold. 

So, that was one celebration, almost minor in comparison to my biggest celebration, ironically resulting from the first celebration. 

Oh my goodness! I think I need a drum roll for this one.

I was so spent after completing ‘my’ books, along with all else going on in 2020, that I found myself seriously pawing over my to-read shelf looking for something to read. I started in on two books, not quite right, before picking up an all-time classic that has been on my to-read shelf for years! Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov. 

Stuff like this gets me soooooooo excited. Like the time I finally read Harry Potter! (Umm, this would be book #1, which I thought was book #7).

No matter, reading being my truest love, and this internal hard-wiring daring me to read what errrvverybody else is reading, amplifies the giddiness when I finally accept the challenge, and actually get through the book.

Except…yep, there is an exception. Reading Lolita was not the reading Potter experience. For starters, I LOVE CHILDREN! It’s my biggest deal breaker. Don’t mess with the babies, and I’ll just sit this right here and tip away.

Without getting too long-winded, and spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t yet read this classic, the main reason I kept this particular book at the forefront of my to-read shelf, was due to the gossip. I kept thinking, it can’t be that bad, can it!? Once or twice I even peeked inside. At a glimpse Lolita seemed like the typical classic that was going to take the usual ‘X’ amount of yawns getting to the part that had so many up in the air and down at Library courthouses getting the book banned.  

Welp, I’ll stop here too. (My other thoughts on Lolita here).

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