Perception, Opinion and a Matter of Fact

Over the weekend I read two books that reminded me of why I spend a good amount of time searching for impactful (largely inspiring or engaging) stories to read (and share). Interestingly enough, while the theme of both books differed, there was one (hard to ignore) premise ubiquitous to both.

How do we get people to see different…when what people are seeing is biased, or flat out wrong? For instance, seeing women as naturally suited for domestic work. (Honestly, I don't get what's so wrong or off about domestic work but will leave that alone in this post). Fact to the matter, is how we also make assumptions when seeing a man dressed up in a suit and tie, smiling and using suave smooth buzz words. 

So, how do we get people to see beyond skin color, gender, status, headlines and such? How can we help each other stop... right off the bat... assuming the WORST, or even the BEST about anyone or anything in absence of ‘factual’ information?

My best answer is EDUCATION; and (of course) I strongly suggest reading. Reading is an activity we can do in our own personal space, where we don’t get to interrupt. Personally, I prefer reading memoirs. I enjoy reading about other people’s perspectives and life. I like reading between lines, and beyond beautiful covers and headlines. This doesn’t mean I don’t judge (when…and where… information is lacking). It only means I try to avoid judging the opinions and motives of others because it bothers me when I get people (and things) wrong. 

Initially I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of the books I read this weekend. But I took on the challenge and found myself in for quite the pleasant surprise! My thoughts are here and here

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