Starting Off 2022... I did in 2021, and 2020, and so forth and so on. From day one, and year to year, I've been a work in progress. But I have been doing some thinking, such as musing about readers and writers…again. 

Perhaps I should share some of the backstory, so that no one assumes I'm starting the New Year having lost it a little. What prompted the musing was getting tickled by an article I came across. Apparently semicolons are outdated. I think they went out of style shortly after the exclamation mark. I'm not sure but Shakespeare might've been the last writer to use them... ad nauseam. Without going on and on about punctuation and all the ways to annoy a reader, I got to picturing two main types of readers...and writers... (of course in storytelling fashion).   

I'm the type writer...and reader...who prefers to go from point A, to B, and on to the depot to clock out. And once I'm off the clock I have no interest in chatting up Louise by the time clock, and hope like 'all the dickens' the boss doesn’t need to sit me down and close the door to tell me what he can tell me over the phone… while my feet are kicked up and eyes closed, lounging in my favorite chair… at HOME. 

And trust me. I WILL ANSWER the boss’s call BECAUSE the very last thing I want to happen is to get to work and find out there is NO work for me. I’m one of the efficient types. I like to get to places quickly. Checking goofing up speedometers, lazy red lights and whatnot is not my thing, particularly while in route to getting passengers from point A to B. And let me tell you something else. Most of my passengers don't care about those things while in my custody either. Usually they have some place to be too. They love focused drivers concerned about their prompt arrival to whatever their destinations.

HOWEVER, this is not the case for all riders…OR drivers for that matter.

There's always Joe who leaves the depot all loddy-doddy, going around mulberry bushes, braking for jaywalking pigeons poking at discarded McDonald's bags and stopping in the middle of intersections to check if they missed a crumb. Some passengers ride for the adventure. The longer the journey, and the lesser the whiplash, the better. Makes for some exfoliating entertainment rubber-necking and chit-chatting. 

This was my muse as the New Year rolled in. Tickled by those who like long rides, checking for typos, writing gaffes and such, caring less about getting from points A to B; AND MOST MOVED by others wanting to get to the point, and there actually BE A POINT when they get to it. 


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