Book Review Confessions

EVERY WRITER, who has written and published a book, (deep down inside) wants to know what readers think of their work. This is why I write books reviews. Once I've read a whole book, I, in fact, look forward to sharing what moved me about the story. For this reason, just about every book I finish gets no fewer than five glowing stars... along with my lovely thoughts.😊

Look, it's easy to talk about what we don't like. You've probably heard it. A customer who has a bad experience will tell thousands, unlike customers who've had a good experience. That customer might tell one other person, if they tell anyone at all. Well, I'm the customer who loves forking over compliments (when warranted). Otherwise I follow that other old adage; 'if you don't have anything nice to say, close the book and leave it alone.' 

All that jazz expressed, I rarely read book reviews or blurbs, ESPECIALLY for books I intend to read. For the same reason I skip introductions in books, is the same reason I avoid reading reviews. I don't like spoilers, as almost anything is apt to spoil my include book blurbs. Now, if it's a bookshelf or outfit, or anything else I'm looking to invest in, then I'll go all out reading pages and pages of opinions. But books. No. That's my deal-breaker.

This brings me to a funny confession. Reading *1* and or *2-star* LONG-WINDED reviews is one of my pastimes that used to fill reading voids. Here's where I got to be entertained by those who marginally read, misunderstood, or didn't read at all books they halfway liked, disagreed with entirely or liked to jump on to flex their literary muscles. This group sometimes are as effective as book banning societies. Some of the low end reviews have inspired readers to check out the book, just to see how much truth is in fiction. 

At any rate, I just finished reading DYN-O-MITE! by Jimmie Walker (thoughts here). 

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