Wonderfully Made Women... the Queens "My Words"

There's not much like watching a battery drain and a whole day traipse around the sun and moon, like trying to eck out a 'specific' blog post and almost end up throwing in the proverbial towel. I didn't, but only because one person turned my small calamity around.

Sitting behind my keyboard, about to type some things I really didn't mean, when 'lo and behold' I looked up to see (and hear) Sunny Anderson on TV! That's right! That's right! She was on Spring Baking Championship doing what she does best on TV... entertaining viewers with her bubbly personality. I got so tickled hearing her ask one contestant (who ultimately showed out👏) "Honey, when was you born?" 

SO Finally!!! I had some grip to properly honor Women's History Month. 

Long before Sunny, or the Spring Baking Championship, or the many TV Chefs (ICAG and Delicious Miss Kardea Brown being forerunners)... and before the Tia & Tamera Marathons (ha!)... and Janet Jackson's 4/5-part documentary, and memoir I 100% ADORED, like her many songs I bounced around on dance floors to (ha!)...and TOO, Keshia Knight-Pulliam's UNCENSORED documentary... and before the blitz of TV Judges (Mablean... Judy... Faith... Hatchett ...and We the People Lauren Lake) who have me shaking my head but loving all the same... similar to Harris Faulkner and Shannon Bream (two ladies who project hope for the future of journalism) ...Out of these Wonderfully Made Women, Diahann Carroll was probably my FIRST and greatest TV icon! 

Gosh, I so wanted just an ounce of Ms. Carroll's on screen poise... to sashay around with for life. Of course there have been many women in my everyday surroundings who proved to be good models as well. Family, friends, co-workers...and yes too, I loved my BOSSES (all females). But great energy pulls me in too, such as Princess Diana. After reading her biography 'In Her Own Words' by Andrew Morton I really tried leaning into her light ...similar to Michelle Obama whose memoir I read as well, and public presence I admire as much. Too bad none of this essence ever quite translated in me (for crying and laughing out loud). But then, as it's said... "these ladies are already taken..." ...what helps with coolly reclining back, marveling good energy around me, and gratefully satisfied with just being me. That's one thing I would tell young people. Adulate the lights you see, but don't ignore the light within...even when you THINK no one can see it.

I point all this out because it sometimes is hard to look at the books I've written... and ME... and well... well let me put it this way. I still remember this person (who attended church regularly) going WELL out of their way asking NOT to be prayed for, uneasy that this one praying person might've been praying to the wrong deity. In a roundabout way that memory looped me through a book I just finished reading. Oh man! It's been a while since I've laughed so hard, but come on now! There can't be ONE PERSON who's read Erma Bombeck's memoir 'When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time To Go Home' and NOT HOLLERED, HARD!!! 

I mean, No...I rarely read an author more than once, and Yes... Toni, and Maya, and even Zane, among a few other trailblazers remain highly respected, BUT any author penning a book with a long a$$ hilarious title that keeps me up all night laughing, I don't care what the saying is, When I Grow Up I Want To Write JUST Like That! 

Look. Just Do You. Be You.

Complimenting Us in Honor of Women's History Month.

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