Truth Be Told...

Listen...which by the way, soon as a diatribe of any sort starts off with listen, one must assume the diatriber is about dispel a damnable (sort of) truth. 

I do not particularly care for poetry, though I write lots of it, often times long winding poems that cross my eyes. But this is not (exactly) the nexus of this post, and also not the reason it's been weeks since my last post.

In honor of Poetry Month, and remembering one of my own most beloved poems... Atlóta... I've decided to delve a little into why that poem was written and some of its hyperboles. 

First, that poem was written in honor of a high school English Teacher. That man, that teacher used to assign the most damning vocabulary lists. I have never (to date) encountered an educator so devoted to really teaching students TO THINK!

At any rate, and shaving off an excellent story all to its own about my experience in this teacher's class, years later I decided to reopen a heavy-ass dictionary to rewrite a portion of my journal in poetic form. The title of the poem (Atlóta) literally means All The Letters Of The Alphabet, which to even my own surprise once all was written and rewritten, the prose contains FIVE separate discourses. 

Initially my intention was to cloak a part of my journal I obviously did not want to disclose, but ended up both arguing with, and celebrating this teacher... among three other anomalies that later occurred to me. Simply amazing. And overall, so truly unintentional. 

I (really do) Love Poetry.

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