Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Too Smart for Our Own Good

It’s time to humor a topic I think I can have a little fun with; a Top 10 List of Social Etiquette Rules for Dummies.

...And before anyone gets offended, this list was created for my benefit. These are rules I continue to struggle with.

10. Avoid responding to remarks or questions you disagree with...all the time. (I had no idea, until recently, that when we were kids my sister used to pray whenever I joined 'the group'. I thought it was just a fluke ‘our’ friends had to eat dinner soon as I showed up.)

9. Try not to always have an answer for everything. (My daughter stills laughs at me about this one job interview. I laugh too...and was even laughing during the interview, though only I knew it, looking for the switch in a spot I couldn’t reach, trying to turn off my mouth!)

8. It’s okay to sometimes play dumb. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. Like who would know the difference anyway?

7. Be kind. (I am very humbled by all those who’ve been so patient with me when I was making an absolute fool of myself. I still remember the gentle look of one friend as she explained a very simple concept that at the time was way off my social radar.)

6. Think before you speak. (Okay, so this is a hard one for me because I am ALWAYS THINKING... which refers me back to...8...)

5. Smile. (Another hard one. This one requires a lot of concentration. I usually don’t smile unless something is funny.)

4. Compliment. I loved that quote in David Wehmeyer’s ‘Waiting for the Bell’ book. “No one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

3. Develop an elevator pitch, practice it, and run with it if ever trapped in a dialogue as confined as an elevator. (My favorite topic is the weather. It’s hard to go wrong with that one.)

2. Live a little. Or rather, don’t take everything so serious. (Of course, I frequently mix this one up too. When I should be letting my hair down, it’s all knotted up, and when it should be pinned up, I’ll have it down, flowing like lava having myself a good ole time.)

1. Listen! Please learn to listen... or read. (I could write the book...in fact I will write the book on all of the times I had to pull my foot out of my mouth…since when I write that is the ONE time when I am free to do me!)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mixing Passion & Business

Ok, so the reality show Shark Tank does kick my mood into 1st gear. It’s rousing to catch glimpses of, not only what moves investors, but people in general.

One of the episodes that stand out in my mind, and what prompted this post, was how when one entrepreneur was asked what made her business stand out from others, kept reverting back to how passionate she was in developing her business. Wrong answer according to the sharks, and telling for me the viewer.

I think I understood what the woman was trying to articulate. Passion is one word that immediately comes to most entrepreneurs when asked this question, especially in the early stages of growth.

So how do we describe what is unique about our books, or products, or businesses?

I'm thrilled by what's unique about the business model I'm building. I like the win-win concept saddling the premise, or principle. But what really has me bowled over about Shark Tank, is how every time I think about 'the tank' and the principle it represents, I think about my novel Leiatra’s Rhapsody, and one of my beloved passages  (clipped below) inside the book.

=========excerpt from page 132-133==========

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Way to Thank a Veteran

The other day I enjoyed an unexpected treat. I happened to catch Shark Tank, which is among a select few ‘current’ TV programs I enjoy catching. Other than Chopped (which features service members as well), Shark Tank is one of the reality shows I'll interrupt what I'm doing to watch; such as what happened the other night when I overheard the Shark’s had opened the tank for veterans to jump in the money pit.

What a wonderful treat. Each of the veterans presented tough products, yet my favorite were the handgrips. Inexpensive scalable products usually always go over well in the tank. Michelle Obama’s salute to veterans buoyed this segment as well. Seeing veterans included in civilian events like this is encouraging.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Cursing Up A Storm: Why Is "*!!*" not in the Dictionary!?!

Attention everyone. Please fasten your seat-belts, stow away loose change, and hold on to your hats... or hair. It is going to be a short, but snappy ride.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently read a number of engaging books. The reviews for each are now on my review blog, and (soon) Goodreads. Once I finish reading the next group of books, I’ll select a few to post to Amazon as well. (…Another ‘great’ story waiting to be told; why I don’t post all of the books I review on Amazon.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Don’t Read That, Until You Read This…

Two articles I happened by inspired this post. The first article was pretty good. It spoke to what makes unhappy people. One item the article spotted that makes for unhappy people, is being concerned about what others think of you.

Okay…well enough. But then I go and read another article, which none too ironic, spoke about body postures telling others something about us.

I try not to do this. I try to read one article, and wait at least one day before reading another so that this does not happen. But then this is exactly what inspired this post.