Sunday, May 1, 2016

CRUNCH TIME: How to Get a Dozen Things Done at Once.

This is not a trick question, and neither am I going to provide a lame tricky answer… like the time my brother asked if I wanted to see how a cigarette could be smoked until it disappeared, and I stood there (silly like silly does...really believing he would make that whole cigarette disappear before my eyes) and actually watched him smoke a cigarette to the line before he flicked it out into the street. Haha…what a tease.

I’m going to answer the riddle similar to how I answered an interviewer who wanted to know the secret for how to get ‘so much’ done at one time.

My answer: You get the easy trivial stuff you can do with your hands tied behind your back, ankles shackled and blindfolded out of the way first. Save the big most important project for last.

“Otherwise, I’d lose my mind second-guessing every itty-bitty task, 
or over-thinking the bizarreness of doing it all!”

No kidding. That’s how you multitask. Focus & Organization.

(Next post: How to determine what’s important, and what’s not).

Disclaimer: I’ve read 7 books so far this year. My thoughts on the latest 2 read are here and here.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Let’s Talk… Revisiting…or Dwelling on the Past?

It can’t be more rejuvenating to jump back into an activity I actually enjoy more than writing, than to open the first several books stacked at the top of my to-read pile and remember why I love reading. My thoughts are here, here and here on a few of those books recently read.

Now, on to the gist of this post.

While reading A Mysterious Life & Calling (edited by Crystal J. Lucky), I got to counting the many reasons why revisiting the past is not only useful, but pleasing.

Revisiting the past is analogous to taking a vacation to any charming place…and I’m envisioning lounging on a beach, loafing on a bed of warm iridescent blue water, a cosmo in one hand, and turning the page of a book lying in my lap with the other, chilling. Reclining in good times, recalling pleasant memories, revisiting the ‘good ole’ days just feels good.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Practical Advice Only Artists Can Appreciate

To celebrate the occasion I'm posting the Top 10 Things a Writer (or Artist) can do when he or she has completed a large project, such as writing a 80,000 word novel like the one I just completed. This marks the 24th book I’ve written to date!!!

And so here I go… counting up to 10.

Perhaps we can start by looking around the house for things we likely misplaced while being hunkered in... You know, like our shoes, clothes to slip on, a hair comb, maybe our spouse???

--- Then, brush your teeth. People love good smelling breath and pretty pearly white teeth.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Homogenized Poetry

Keeping in frame poetry month, I’ve decided to share a few HILARIOUS poems, straight out of my homogenized poetry collection.

Homogenized poetry are poems I write when the inspiration is at an all time low... when things are smooth sailing...going like so, just right... when I don’t have an ache, a pain or a tear to sprout but buckled down resuscitating an empty muse anyway. In other words, I can’t even call these poems bad. I don’t want anyone to confuse the meaning... that is...with the word 'bad' because these are some of the worst pieces of poetry I’ve ever written...that umm...I LOVE since they make me laugh. (I bet few will guess what the poem is really saying. Hint: None are naughty.)

©2005-2008 GEM, RYCJ and ©2012 A Blast From the Past, RYCJ

Slipped off the Tip of My Tongue

I almost had it too
It was right there
Sitting right there at the tip
Looking over, down at my hand
Another minute, any second
And it was coming...
Maybe if only I had of...
Oh how I wished I had of...
But just when ...and then,
Ouch damn!
There it went
tripped, slipped, slid, then jumped
off the tip of my tongue and ran.