Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordsmith Wednesday

Today I’m hallmarking wordsmiths…kicking this post off with my most sold, and highly favored epic poem Atlóta, first self-published through iUniverse 2003… ahem… when the fee to have work printed and sold everywhere was only $159!

A few pronounced facts about Atlóta.

At over 1100 words, Atlóta only took a couple of days to complete, or let’s rephrase that. It took a couple of days to cloak, or wordsmith, because it had taken years to write this piece encapsulated of clips taken from a journal I had been keeping.

To my satisfaction, and surprise, after finishing Atlóta I discovered five distinct premises in the prose.

As the story goes, I originally wanted to do something with my journal, but knowing I couldn’t share it openly as it was, I decided to cloak (or wordsmith) portions of it…thus, by default, birthing an annotated memoir in freestyle form. It however, was by masking the prose that I unintentionally created an epic piece, wherein my argument in general, and quarrel with this teacher more specially, throwing that big-ass dictionary back at him, that forms Atlóta's burlesque satire.

See *read more* to read; or view my clip if you prefer to hear Atlóta read.

"Why do the simplest things, done effortlessly, usually turn out the best?"

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Title Tuesday

If not for sake of celebrating today's meme and droning home a point, then as a to test my recall, or rather, to prove how well I know my work, I'm treating us all to the backstory on my list of published titles.

My Blackberry (pub 2002) is a collection of essays and poetry written for my mother who as a child used to be referred to by her complexion… 'black gal,' which I spiced up to title ‘My Blackberry’.

Atlóta (pub 2003) is a collection of poetry inspired by and dedicated to an 11th grade English teacher who challenged students in a duel of words by assigning these ‘all be damned’ vocabulary tests. The title itself, pronounced (At-Low-Ta) is an acronym for; All The Letters Of The Alphabet – which speaks to an incident associated with one of these ‘all be damned’ vocabulary tests. (Now, the real backstory to be gotten is what's behind 'all the letters of the alphabet'… haha!)

God Be the Glory (pub 2005) is a memoir that hallmarks the single most notable and influencing chapter of my writing career. I was told, and asked, “why is it written God Be the Glory... when it’s supposed to be 'To God Be the Glory.'" My answer: "In RYCJ speak it is GOD BE THE GLORY!"

Monday, August 25, 2014

Medieval Monday

I still receive quite a few requests to read ebooks, which I often cursorily pass on for more reasons than my reluctance to read full-length stories on screen. Today I’m visiting book production, from past to present, to explain why I do not read ebooks EXCEPT first, to address a few debates on electronic books, let's be clear:
  • I believe ebooks will be with us for a while, if not forever. 
  • Ebooks are also overwhelmingly convenient for avid readers uninterested in building libraries or owning print book products. 
  • I, as well, do not believe that the mere reading books on electronic devices will dumb us down. 
My basic reason for shunning ebooks, incidentally also a key reason for why print books continue to endure, can be traced through a cursory glimpse examining the timeline of book production.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Snippy Sunday

Today is dedicated to snippy readers, and we know who we are; readers who have the dickens of a time finding an errorless book. From those books plucked out by a single typist (according to the peeved), to the traditionally-trade published books, this is the single most commonly asked peeve. Where was the editor?

While I tend to overlook minor typos, there are other peeves I do snip about.

The story has to be really jumping, and by jumping I mean doing and saying some things I want to know how this story will end, before I will invest any time reading a messy layout.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Storytella Saturday

“You never have to worry about character development if you are adept at telling tales…”

I have many, but today I’m going for this one: the day my husband and I were returning home from an event where he graciously agreed to drive me. I say graciously because he was doing me a favor. Like what man would agree to take his wife to a hair salon, miles and miles away from where we lived, where he had to sit for several hours to wait for her to have her hair done? And this being on a game night mind you; a game I promised he would be home in time enough to watch.