Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book Break! 10 Lesser Known Things About Me...

Thought this would be fun. A break away from the norm. Plus, I’ve read and watched this done on other blogs and have always been amazed by how interesting many 'least known tangent' posts have been, even when I didn’t know the author at all. One young woman listed something like 100 least known things about her… positively too much, but I didn’t get to yawning until round ‘about number 17.

At any rate, while I likely have as many least known fuzzies about me, I’m not trying to light up the Web. Just taking a fun book break listing 10 little nuggets about me.

1. I love water …particularly water sports.

2. My favorite theme park attraction is dun…dun… dun… the Carousel!

3. The first (full-length) book I read was The Boston Strangler.

4. My first crush was Action News’ once popular news journalist Larry Kane!

5. Bet no one knows a few professionals have singled me out for dancing (that’s jazz dancer)… singing (no laughing)… a sprinter (track)… and modeling. Each one I turned flat out down. Quit dancing the day I was told I could dance. Didn’t show up for that music audition. Told the track coach to run himself. And of course told the model scout I wasn’t interested.

6. Years ago I was on Sesame Street.

7. I’ve been on the cover of a magazine…too bad it wasn’t a literary magazine, but rather an automobile magazine.

8. I was on the news! Pretty Scary…

9. Twice I was in the newspaper. Once during a school play with a group of classmates and once on the front page of an arts and entertainment paper… though, and again sadly, not for anything literary, but hey…Arts & Entertainment is close enough.

10. One of my greatest fears is fame. There is so much comfort to be had existing in a spot where creativity can be realized in complete obscurity.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Switching Hats

I’ve heard many authors express how they don’t read and review other books while writing their own novels, or books. The top reasons given are that it’s distracting, may cause a conflict of interest, or they fear things might get awkward…in that ‘one hand washes the other trade off’...thus be viewed as unethical.

From the start I saw those paradoxes too, and tried my best to ward them off from the get go. Authors, you can too.

Monday, May 11, 2015

If I Could, I Would… (A Top 10 List)

One factor the Myers–Briggs test teaches (that corporations have focused on), but I hadn’t considered until recently; and that’s the breakdown of how a “population of people” view the book industry. This is quite useful information, in any given market, though for purposes of this condensed post, I’m doing some tailoring and toning down to focus on the book industry… inspired none-the-less by these umpteen book synopsis I read last night!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Top 10 Awesome Treats of Motherhood

Motherhood was the best life event that ever happened for me. Admittedly, having children at an early age allowed me to enjoy motherhood in many ways that at a later age would not have been possible. I am so very indebted to the great joy I got out of the single most important job in the world... For there would be no world without women birthing and nursing, and nurturing and caring for these little innocent people.

My top 10 rewards of motherhood from a personal perspective: 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Cantankerous is the social ailment where everything bugs the hell out of you. Symptoms include, but not exclusively, every time you look at a glass, whether it’s partially full, spilling over the rim, or bone dry empty, the glass always looks murky. I wish, I want, if only, he or she should, they aren't, no one is and other negativities drive the beginning, middle and ending of every sentence.