Sunday, October 16, 2016

Getting the Most Out of Book-signings

This post was inspired by Marja McGraw’s (Monday, October 10, 2016) blog post… ‘Is a Lemon Always a Lemon?’ 

Despite the dancing phrasing of the title, which initially...and admittedly eluded me, the topic of McGraw’s post proved to be common fair. Host or attend enough book-signings and  surely you’ll encounter an uncomfortable figure (or many) sitting behind booths, hungry-eyed and ice-cold hands, looking woefully underappreciated because few, if anyone is interested in their book(s). Been there and seen it, even if (knocking on all kinds of wood) this isn’t a personal association.

There are many strategies to consider to get the most out of public & private book-signings.

First and foremost, not much out-scores conditioning the mind to focus more on having fun as opposed to thinking about selling books or making money. A relaxed, upbeat optimistic attitude attracts interest. Passion for what we do serves like icing on a cake too.

Similar to hosting birthday, anniversary, or any other holiday party, hosting local book parties is a good way to start out building an audience. Instead of registering at a nationwide retail store for birthday, wedding, bridal/baby shower & etc gifts, try creating a unique book registry gift list.

Introducing book themes between the food and chit-chat at private book parties ups the fun. Book title, main character and/or story raffles are a few book theme ideas worth trying.

When out at public book-signings, go get the fun…opposed to waiting on the fun to arrive at our table and chair. The only 'wasted' boring outings I’ve ever attended were the ones where I WAS THE BORE.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Giving Credit Where Much Credit is Due

Excising the fat and gittin’ to the nitty-gritty kickin’ shysters to the curb, iniquity sells. Iniquity wins all popularity contests. It’s the reason I killed the idea of serenading 100 individuals who positively inspired me, in my best-selling book, GEM.

Yep, set on writing literature sapped in pleasantry, words that might beautify the literature landscape, it suddenly occurred to me… ‘who’da’ YKW wants to read about good people?’ Isn't goodness the stuff we’re goaded to eat up and keep to ourselves?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 Ways to Tell You Read Too Much

One way to instantly tell you read way too much is when EVERY-SINGLE-THING you hear or see reminds you of something you’ve read in a book; and if you’re a writer, then add your books to this mix too.

Another way to tell you read a lot too much is when your spouse spots a booksigning at the entranceway of a grocery store, and you hear him (or her) SIGH DEEPLY!

To that end, you read too much when you cannot pass a book display without stopping to browse, and investing your last dime on a book that costs far more than a dime.

If you feel like you’ve won *the* lottery when someone recommends a book that makes your eyes do the OMG look…you know you read way too much.