Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Path to Page-turning Content

As I was putting the finishing touches on three books I recently completed I thought, ‘why not share this inspirational nugget?’

Pining all the time for page-turning books to read, makes it hard to shirk this 'pine' when I’m on the other end, writing.

If I want a page-turning reading experience, then it's only fair that I reciprocate by delivering page-turning books.

It does happens however, to the best of us; when at some point during the writing process we'll …let’s say… tire on the story. It’s happened to me more times than I care to profess, though right here is where my eyes one day got big and round.

Whenever I reach a part in a story that drags or feels as if I’m dragging to write, whether I'm in the writing phase, and especially in the rewrite phase… that’s when I give myself this little pep talk. ‘If the story is dragging for me, image a reader trying to get through this part.’

This small pep talk helps tremendously. The visualization alone is enough to keep me perpetually writing in fifth gear. Staying aware that there can be no sagging (moments of boredom) while writing a story is what keeps the momentum going. I must be fully engaged and excited to move onto what happens next…

My last four books really proved this finding. I honest to goodness have never experienced a more enjoyable novel writing process than working on Lock Box, Civil Talk, Copy Cats and Big Bully. (Note: The last three are my latest new releases.)

Big Bully is a corporate tale of a toxic, obnoxious, intimidating work environment that fires up when the big bully arrives on the J.O.B.

Copy Cats’ is my first young adult novelette. It is a warm, insightful, and dicey misadventure that pushes parental guidance to the limits after three siblings move to a new town where they must make critical choices about new friends, fitting in, and trying to do the right thing.

Civil Talk – Prose in Motion’ is poetry, and includes an autobiography in the epilogue.

At some point the books will be available online through the various digital outlets, but for now I plan to share these quality ‘page-turning’ gems with my physical audience and supporters.

That said however, anyone is always welcome to email info@osaatent.com and request an advance copy. I’ll keep some copies on hand for that purpose.

But hopefully the nugget I shared will be the buoy that not only motivates an upbeat writing experience, but a pleasing treat for us all.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Backstory:

A little late...about 30 days to be a little more precise...however.......

Realizing women's month is a couple of days away from moving into poetry month, and thinking about the backstory of my poetry book GEM, I decided why not?

Originally GEM was going to be dedicated to many personal, and a few not so personal female motivators. I had up to 50 such gems noted, or written in lyrics... except in a pessimistic moment I self-talked myself out of believing that showing that much love would be appreciated.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rating Myself…

This post was inspired by Eva Lesko Natiello’s blog article on Huffington Post ‘Rate Yourself As A Mom On A Scale of 1 to 10’.

First, I must apologize for the break I gave my blog. With blogging being one of my preeminent pleasures, dare I venture into how difficult is was taking that very necessary break. I needed to focus, which to this end... I’d rate myself a “1” for being unable to so much as post an “out of office” notice. Gosh, that hurt.

Now, as for parenting, ‘O’ how tickled I got noting the ironies reminiscing back as I read Eva's moving post.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stuff that Reminds You of Stuff…

Okay, I haven’t been on my blog in a little time, which makes it perfect to break in with a little storytelling (sort of rhyme), only because the occasion reminds me of this one time… sort of exactly how stuff ends up in books.

It happened some years ago, though don’t be overly concerned about the age of this story. Not only is it not all I don’t know, but one day-year most will, too, look back on this occasion, and probably story too... with a faint recall.

And so, and with that, here goes the story…

Friday, February 20, 2015

What Makes Reading Between the Lines Fun…

Take for instance this story… a time not so long ago when I was riding with a really, really good friend who was driving like Starsky & Hutch, in my mind for no apparent reason, ranting and raving about ‘all the lunatics’ on the road.

I had to ask what was the hurry? Wasn’t like we were rushing to an emergency room or anything. We actually were on our way to something like a mall, less than a mile away, on a picture perfect sunny afternoon… to window shop if I’m to be more specific.