Friday, May 27, 2016

Top 10 Confessions of My Writing Life

This post was inspired by something I read on a social media site I’ve since lost track of. What caught my attention in that particular post and subsequent posts, is writers expressing concern about their writing abilities.

Now, it might be impolite or not proper to confess this but straight up, no fluff, and no swaggering around, I not only know I am writer, but a damn good writer. I really believe this, however biased, arguable or invalid this perception.

With that asserted I must admit to occasional lazy writing, along with this one… taking to heart critiques about my work. Admittedly, I enjoy hearing remarks about my books (i.e., NOT ME). Hearing I needed to expand on the original edition of Leiatra’s Rhapsody was how I ended up with a five-part series, not without mention… how I grew Leiatra’s Rhapsody from 70,000 words to over 100,000 words. Shucks, that critique didn’t set me back at all.

Writing less complex sentences and toning down my stories were other remarks I've taken to heart as well. Yeah, I decided to write more stories (in easier reading styles) to satisfy the first critique. As for the latter I got a little ornery and...well... well I turned the dial up, despite being so smitten by the critique that it remains a dream to write a story my mother will want to read. Admittedly this is a challenge. My hat sincerely goes off to writers who I’ve read that can pat their tummies and rub their head at the same time.

All that expressed, my best books in terms of writing ease, a deeply-rooted premise and gram slam ending is Storytella, A Piece of Peace, Pleasure, and Lock Box.

Six Other Confessions;

— I enjoy reading more than writing.
— STILL, I write every SINGLE day.
— 10,000 words is the most I’ve written on one story in one day; 3000 words is the average.
— Though I  work on one story at a time, I usually work on a few books a year.
— The quirkiest place I've ever written was on the back of my bed. (I felt this was the best place to air my diary... that was until I left home and my parents read the back of my bed.) Ouch!!!
— About my published books; Double Dare was the most fun to write... the Rhapsody Series (all 5 books) – most nostalgic… and grinded my teeth writing God Be the Glory, Black Table, Mindless, and Pretty Inside Out.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sharing Much Love for the Philadelphia Art Sanctuary.

Saturday, May 21 the Philadelphia Art Sanctuary hosted a fabulous literary and arts conference. I was just overdone by the numerous workshops and activities happening under one roof. Some 50+ authors partook in the activities, and I was invited to be among them. WoW!

I mean, imagine for a sec; being in one building, in a city often dubbed the ‘Mecca of Talent’ with all this creative energy. Quite honestly, I was overwhelmed, BUT, I hung in there and did my thing!

A frequent question I am asked, is if my publishing books written by other authors, along with my own writing and publishing, on top of reading and reviewing books published by other authors under various publisher imprints, creates a conflict of interest?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Who fully Removes their Mask, Online?

Once upon a short while back virtual conversation was so foreign that it was hard to imagine anyone taking it seriously enough that TMI (too much information) would ever become a buzz word. In fact, I used to see the wide-world of webbing much like business executives who projected online activity would be more B2B or B2C, rather than C2C.

But now here we are, many of us getting good and chatty in the virtual world; some of us oversharing (primarily those of us unfamiliar with real privacy), while the rest of us remain selective about what we post online. Despite what might seem to be the presumption, I fall in the latter group. Privacy is still first nature for me.

All that expressed, I will be removing my mask 😳 this Saturday, May 21st at the Philadelphia Art Sanctuary’s Literature and Arts Conference. Yes! In unique STORYTELLING fashion I will be, (offline albeit), ‘lettin’ the cat out of the bag’ speaking on a major oversight many in the book industry have yet to embrace.

The event is FREE and will be held at the Church of the Advocate, 1801 Diamond Street from 10am - 2pm. (RSVP here).

For readers not local to Philly, or unable to attend the event, highlights will be shared in the next post.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thinking About Quitting?

I’m writing this post to inspire anyone who occasionally gets that ‘giving up’ bug. I’ve caught that bug enough times that I can provide three perspectives on the subject that will alter anyone’s outlook who has ever considered, or is considering throwing in a towel.

After thinking back on the times I’ve backed out of endeavors… be it a book I was writing, or a relationship, a job or career or any undertaking where I started out gung-ho, to end up letting go, I noticed an uncanny trend. Everything I let go of, I realized what was missing. The fire. The passion was missing.

Yeah, at first, just like the puppy love stage of falling in love… the stars and many moons were all lined up... until daylight crept in and the stars and many moons disappeared.