Friday, April 25, 2014

These 9 Books!

I tried reading books on my to-read list in the order of purchase but it doesn’t look like this is gonna work. My mood isn’t cooperating. Out of 20 books on my to-read stack, so far 9 of them have me stoked.

Between the premise (contained in the title and or by-line), and that first page, I so look forward to sinking into the books listed below and adding them to my library.

Stranger Here ‘how weight-loss surgery transformed my body and messed with my head’ by Jen Larsen I bought from the library. It’s a traditionally pubbed book that snagged my interest going by that by-line.

best lesbian love stories 2005, edited by Angela Brown, I also bought from the library. Yeah, I’m curious. The fact that these are short stories is turning me on.

Whiteout ‘Lost in Aspen’, by Ted Conover, is another library purchase. And yes, the mountainous mountaineer adventures grab me too.

The Wendy Williams Experience has me really going. I’ve of course heard of this woman, but have never listened to her ...and guessing by the cover… it's on the radio where I missed hearing her. And taking another guess, this time based on the table of contents, I expect this one to be stuffed with some really juicy stories. I mean really? Negroidian?

Kristin Henderson’s opening page in Driving by Moonlight grabbed me straightaway. It’s a memoir and though I suspect much surplus drama, I’m already rooting for the memoirist.

Nowhere To Goa by Doug E. Jones is a Indie, but WOW, that first page was another good one.

Easy Like Sunday Mourning by Jennie Marts was a pleasant surprise to peek in on. Looking forward to reading it.

Same goes for Desperate to Be a Housewife by Meg Bortin.

And the only reason I haven’t yet cracked open Michael Moore’s Here Comes Trouble is due to something like saving what I expect to be the best, for last… except… that was before peeking in on those other 8 titles.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Open Book Talk: Uncensored Content

In an ecosphere rich in diverse cultures, made up of its own impulses, rules and laws tempered by whimsical uncertainties and vagueness, it’s not always easy to keep it real. Bite your tongue, and you should’ve spoken up. Speak up, and you should’ve put filters on it. Put filters on it, and you’re sugarcoating, or just being plain phony... even if only you know this.

So how do we keep it real in a climate full of ambiguity? This is what my next Open Book Talk will focus on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Writing Fiction Diplomacies

It’s worth repeating; that day I stood in the center of a library and prayed writers would find a way to write more books… QUICKER... has stayed with me, in the same way I realize I would not be the reader I am today had not it been for Free Libraries.

Ten years fast forward, after writing a number of books... quickly... in addition to the long checklist of publishing requirements that bring books full circle, I find myself now sitting here nursing on other writing diplomacies.

Top Ten Best Subtleties of Writing Novels

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Removing the Masks

People! People! If you are local, meaning in the Philadelphia, Pa area, then you’ve got to come out for one of these OPEN BOOK TALKS.

Twice a month (on Fridays) I meet in small, intimate, informal groups to speak frankly about pre-selected topics as a way to promote literature, and literacy; not only for young people, but for adults as well. Like who can help engage young people to become lifelong capiche readers, who read for pleasure, if  teachers are not equipped with the tools to stimulate this level of high-functioning active reading?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Best Storytellas in Town Contest STARTS TODAY!

Just when the impish winter weather is finally cutting most of us (over here on the East Coast) some slack, I’m asking that writers and lovers of poetry pull out those keyboards and or pens, and join us in partnership with Concord Music Group, for our next ‘Best Storytellas in Town’ contest ...kicking off today. (April 1, 2014)