Friday, April 24, 2015

Profanity in Books

This topic was inspired by a spectacle overheard a few weeks ago, when I was out and about and heard someone cursing up a storm. This person wasn’t riled or anything, just having a normal conversation with who I suppose was a friend, in a store where the conversation could be heard by someone like me looking for pretzels on aisle 11.

Honestly, I wasn't offended but found the dialogue mildly miffing. Forget where we were, the exchange didn’t even flow right.

It was like being at a LIVE concert and someone pulling out an inflatable bath tub and taking a bath. Of course, it's not taking a bath that's at issue, it boils down to whether we watch the concert, or the bath-taking rigamarole. WTH!?!

Or like the time I was in an arcade, with my children, when a couple just flat out started making out. Yes, it was crowded in there, and my kids stood right in front of the couple and looked with their mouths hanging open. And yes, too, I left the arcade losing about five bucks worth of quarters.

The point is, and this is depending... I’m no prude about profanity written in books. A few of my own books are bathed in this form of expression, though quite appropriately so must I add.

Of course too, which opens a whole ‘nother conversation; the appropriateness of using profanity in books depends on the story and writing style…something like using dirty bedroom talk behind closed doors would depend on the talker and the moment.

The point to be stressed here is, in the same way we wouldn’t (or at least I hope no one wouldn’t) go to church and fall out in the middle of an aisle screaming, “I can’t take the preaching at the me,” is the same way it is inappropriate to scream about profanity inside a book. There is an appropriate response to both.

Reading Between the Lines. "Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer." ― Mark Twain.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Rating Books * 5 Stars * Is Important!

Right off the bat... pulling straight away from the curb... getting down to the nitty-gritty... (haha) phrases that probably haven’t come out in a while; this post is particularly directed to aspiring authors, authors, and anyone who wishes to PROMOTE READING!

I am all three, so I’m going to hit the topic hard as I’ve already answered the question as to why rating books * 5 Stars * is important.

While what constitutes positive, and constructive, or upbeat is subjective, the importance of encouraging non-readers to want to read, plain and simple, means talking up books that are appealing.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Authors! Can You Answer YES to All 5 Questions?

1. Do believe that believing in bad KARMA leaves the whole world blind?
2. Is your book about ‘one’ story that explores “deeply” the topic of people and relationships?
3. Did you enjoy rewriting your book?
4. Can you open your book to any page and reread what is there; and love it?
5. Do you occasionally reread your book?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Achieving Perfection

How Many is Too Many?

I won’t tell how many novels I work on at one time; and COMPLETE and PUBLISH.

When I first started talking about the novels I wanted to write and had written… and published, folks thought I was bragging… trying to make someone envious. I wasn’t. Didn’t even realize this could be mistaken for bragging. I was just so excited to be pulling off stories I always wanted to write.

It was only when I was pulled aside... and not once or twice, but quite a few times I was asked ‘to please work on one story at a time...’ analogous for slow down. That’s when I started examining what was happening.

The best way to achieve perfection is NOT by slowing down, but increasing output, not only to build on performance, but to know the book publishing industry in its entirety, inside out.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Keeping It Lean... and Real

Before I get going with this post, I first must acknowledge that I will get back to my reading and book reviewing within the next couple of weeks. If it means anything to anyone, I am so looking forward to it.

In other “bookish” news I’ve got to plug these few tidbits too.

The other night I got so stoked seeing Drew Magary on one of my favorite TV shows: CHOPPED! And he won!! Drew is an author, in case this isn’t known. He’s the author of Someone Could Get Hurt, a book I not only enjoyed, but lent my two cents on as well.

I didn’t get to see Shark Tank, but did overhear (from the next room sort of eavesdropping in) that there was an author in the tank? She was trying to get a deal for her book or books, or pub company? Not sure how that went, but hearing this, plus with the whole Drew thing, were both firsts for me. Authors on regular TV shows I love.

In poetry news, which happens to be the post I originally thought about going with, I wanted to share another first moment of mines. This special moment occurred a while back, like several years back, when for the very first time I heard one of poems performed professionally.