Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Confession: Why I Don’t Mind My Books Getting a Pinch of Love.

The top 10 reasons I am comfortable with my books getting the love it currently gets… that being few public reviews, yet a humbling amount of private compliments…

1. Inspiring reading (for all ages) is my top priority.

2. Reading is motivated when readers trust reader recommendations.

3. Reader trust is built by readers who have completely read and comprehended the book they are recommending.

4. Patronizing authors by writing fluffed up reviews for books neither read or enjoyed damages the credibility of the author, personally and professionally.

5. Nothing spells desperation like an author begging for fluffed up reviews.

6. Nothing looks more pitiable to outsiders looking on, than a desperate author begging for fluffed up reviews.

7. There is little to no financial gain in expending energy chasing after fluffed up reviews. It is a waste of time and resources better spent building reader trust.

8. Like the best relationships, deep unconditional love builds over time. Fluffed up love like puppy love lasts in the span of a one-night stand.  

9. On a personal note; I am a perfectionist. I seek genuine praise ONLY for perfect, flawless work.

10. Truly great writing, or work will over time speak for itself. I do believe “the cream always rises to the top.”
"Celebrating reading books cover-to-cover."

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Comparing Dimes to Cocktails

I try not to get my coins mixed up with priorities. Reading doesn’t cost a dime, one reason it tickles me coming across bookish posts lamenting about readers stacking more books on top of already sky mile-high piles of unread/half-read books.

Trust me, I would seriously question my entertainment habits if I kept buying…let’s say… seasons tickets to the same ball games but never attended one game… or hadn’t once been inside Madison Square Garden… or didn’t know ...let's say... a Knicks jersey from a Cowboys’ cheerleader boot… or never, in fact, even watched a ball game…on TV, live, or in any other frame. In other words, I might get to scratching my own head if I collected books for mysterious reasons.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Black History Month & My New Fixation with Reading Challenges

At the beginning of the year (just to be a little more social) I decided to take on a reading challenge. Among 99 other goals to meet this challenge was the ticker that requires me to read a book I should have read years ago. Just so happened, and none too surprising, I happened to have one such book stuffed in my bookcase. It's been there for years. Actually, I have many.

Still, I couldn’t have decided to tackle reading Zora Neale Hurston’s novel ‘Their Eyes Were watching God’ at a better time. Just so happen today starts the historic Black History Month celebration, ironically coinciding with my just so happening to read a book written by a celebrated African American writer that I expected to enjoy a lot less than anything I’ve ever read.