Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 Ways to Tell You Read Too Much

One way to instantly tell you read way too much is when EVERY-SINGLE-THING you hear or see reminds you of something you’ve read in a book; and if you’re a writer, then add your books to this mix too.

Another way to tell you read a lot too much is when your spouse spots a booksigning at the entranceway of a grocery store, and you hear him (or her) SIGH DEEPLY!

To that end, you read too much when you cannot pass a book display without stopping to browse, and investing your last dime on a book that costs far more than a dime.

If you feel like you’ve won *the* lottery when someone recommends a book that makes your eyes do the OMG look…you know you read way too much.

You also read on the excessive level when you reach the conclusion that reading can replace your best friend, your lover, your teacher, your doctor, your dentist, your psychiatrist, your need to travel…leave the house… well, you get the point. In this case, slap on a reading patch.

There’s no denying you read too much when you know every damn thing. Can’t nobody say nothing you don’t know something about. (Note: Not that knowing less is more impressive. In today’s climate it’s just more acceptable. Wink. Wink.)

...And still you’re a glutton for more information!

But come on now. You know darn well you read too much when you skimp on packing toiletries and clothes so that your 80-pound luggage full of books is able to travel with you.

And oh, this one. You’re reading is going overboard when you have almost 100 books on your desk to read and you’re still adding more books to the pile!!!

Now, if it has crossed your mind, as you were reading this list, that at least you can proudly wear the pin or label or t-shirt advertising that you read way too much, then you simply must share your top 10 list.

Friday, September 9, 2016

When Life Gets a Little Crazy…

There is no better antidote than finding a really good book to read when life gets zany. That said, and so very fortunate for me, when the ‘zip limo’ came around and took me for a spin, the reason I had to take a mandatory blogging break, I didn’t have to rely on reaching for one of these trusty sources of relief. I’ve done so much reading and writing that I squeaked on by upright. I did miss blogging however, which happens to be the inspiration behind this post... and OEBooks’ new facelift.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Housebreaking Literary Snobs

This post was inspired (a few weeks ago) after watching (what else), but one of my favorite cooking shows. I’m still on the floor about the episode on Guy’s Grocery Games where a contestant was asked what she did for a living. The contestant answered: “I’m an autodidact.”

“What’s that,” Guy asked.

Now, just so happened I wasn’t looking at the TV, but CLEARLY saw Guy’s expression by the way he responded… as in, “what’s that?” His incredulous look was not missed, especially after looking up at the TV as the contestant explained what an autodidact is, or does. I hollered laughing! Guy’s expression ceased to change… throughout the exchange. Oh.My.Goodness—now that was real humor!