Monday, September 1, 2014

The Best Team in the World!

A George Mason marketing professor, whose many useful lessons stay with me, was the instructor who proved to me ‘how’ the value of teamwork worked.

According to the lesson that came out of the assignment, three major scenarios showed me what makes the best teams, and worst teams.

The worst teams were the teams that didn’t value each others input and failed for a number of reasons to get a solid mutual groupthink dialogue going. These groups didn’t fair well in the assignment to varying degrees.

The middle layer, or other scenario, was the result of how I handled the assignment. Having my thoughts on what I believed were the correct answers to the assignment, what I did was give my suggestions to our team, but made note of my personal preferences.

The results—the third scenario was an eye-opener. It surprised me to learn that working alone I faired far better than the other groups, and, in this case, one answer shy of the single top performing group who got every answer correct.

Effective communication and talent, or intelligence, proved to be the optimum influences that made the best team decisions.

Today, I thank my team for their open, often hard talks with me. I thank them for the detail they put into the work they do for OSAAT Entertainment. I am simply beyond in awe of the individual talent and skill they add to the team. Their commitment and drive to see tasks through is but a tremendous plus. Most of all, I am moved to tears to see them picking up the ball and running with it in my greatest time of need.

You mean the world to me. I love you and appreciate you. Thank you. Enjoy Labor Day!

Let's make Our Labor work... and count. 


Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Past is Behind Us, The Future Ahead of Us, and Hello Today.

Romanticize those words however we desire, but with a few books still on my desk looking up at me, begging me to crawl inside, I must admit I’m looking back down on them begging to read something witty and fun, that starts on page one.

I’ve always understood why many, namely readers, quote that heading so affectionately, except today I’m going to bat this premise back and forth around on my blog a few ways... and times.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Top Ten Thursday

I forget exactly what ‘really’ inspired me to host a week long MEME, but once the week and memes got going, I distinctly remember the Top Ten Thoughts that crossed my mind.

10. “Oh, this will be a piece of cake. I write all the time.”

9. “Maybe if I go with a few of the stories I don’t mind ‘letting go’ of, it will be easier…”

8. “But, exactly what in the Darth Vader made me want to do this!?!”

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordsmith Wednesday

Today I’m hallmarking wordsmiths…kicking this post off with my most sold, and highly favored epic poem Atlóta, first self-published through iUniverse 2003… ahem… when the fee to have work printed and sold everywhere was only $159!

A few pronounced facts about Atlóta.

At over 1100 words, Atlóta only took a couple of days to complete, or let’s rephrase that. It took a couple of days to cloak, or wordsmith, because it had taken years to write this piece encapsulated of clips taken from a journal I had been keeping.

To my satisfaction, and surprise, after finishing Atlóta I discovered five distinct premises in the prose.

As the story goes, I originally wanted to do something with my journal, but knowing I couldn’t share it openly as it was, I decided to cloak (or wordsmith) portions of it…thus, by default, birthing an annotated memoir in freestyle form. It however, was by masking the prose that I unintentionally created an epic piece, wherein my argument in general, and quarrel with this teacher more specially, throwing that big-ass dictionary back at him, that forms Atlóta's burlesque satire.

See *read more* to read; or view my clip if you prefer to hear Atlóta read.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Title Tuesday

If not for sake of celebrating today's meme and droning home a point, then as a to test my recall, or rather, to prove how well I know my work, I'm treating us all to the backstory on my list of published titles.

My Blackberry (pub 2002) is a collection of essays and poetry written for my mother who as a child used to be referred to by her complexion… 'black gal,' which I spiced up to title ‘My Blackberry’.

Atlóta (pub 2003) is a collection of poetry inspired by and dedicated to an 11th grade English teacher who challenged students in a duel of words by assigning these ‘all be damned’ vocabulary tests. The title itself, pronounced (At-Low-Ta) is an acronym for; All The Letters Of The Alphabet – which speaks to an incident associated with one of these ‘all be damned’ vocabulary tests. (Now, the real backstory to be gotten is what's behind 'all the letters of the alphabet'… haha!)